One of Jurane's main activities is coil manufacturing. The coil is one of the strengths of our machinery. It is a very specific product that it is important to use properly.


Coil manufacturing process

We manufacture coils from 6-metre long steel bars.


These bars are worked to achieve a continuous output. We can now offer our clients coils of various diameters and lengths.


The coils are characterized according to

• Diameter
• Length
• Spacing


The steel is worked cold, thus preserving its mechanical properties.


We produce coils with the following specifications:



• For 30x30 square section: diameter of 360 to 400 mm

• For 40x40 square section: diameter of 400 to 600 mm



• For 30x30 square section: To be defined by the client

• For 40x40 square section: To be defined by the client



• For 30x30 square section: 80 to 150 mm

• For 40x40 square section: 65 to 160 mm


Worked steel


- 40 mm

- 50 mm


- 25 mm

- 30 mm

- 40 mm 


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