⇒ The JPS 5 distinguishes itself by numerous possibilities of use.

⇒ The seed drill allows the dosage and the distribution specifies of 2.00kg / ha in 220 kg / ha.

⇒ Sowing on the surface and on-line sowing.

⇒ During sowing on the surface the working width is variable of 1.50m at 6.00m.

⇒ The trial of regulation can be made simply, quickly and in a central way.

⇒ The training of the roller is made by a wheel pulled(entailed) by the ground. A solid but flexible cable (length: 2.1 m)

⇒ The electric fan (12V works thanks to the grip three contacts(blocks) or a direct connection to the battery(drum kit) of the tractor. Seeds are propelled by the pressure of the air in tips, and the distribution is regular on all the working width.

⇒ The seed drill is usable for very numerous seeds as the colza, the shuttle, mixture of fodder seed, and the oat.


Semoirs JPS 5 with the various options

Capacity of hopper (liter) 140 200 410 660
8 exits Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 roller measuring glass Yes Yes Yes Yes
DPA mechanic Yes Yes Yes Yes
DPA GPS No Yes Yes Yes
Electric training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mechanical drive with PDF No Yes Yes Yes
Hydraulic training No Yes Yes Yes


Which seed drill rise on our machines

  Actiprairie Actisemoir Simplisemis
JPS5 140 Yes Yes Yes
JPS5 200 Yes Yes Yes
JPS5 410 No Yes Yes
JPS5 600 No Yes Yes


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