We are a company that has been manufacturing agricultural machinery for nearly twenty years. Our machines are 100% French. As well as manufacturing machinery, we also produce equipment (coils and steel wheels) for other manufacturers.

Yes, we build metal roof structures and we make what is called art metal work. We also produce small and medium-scale runs. We know how to work steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

We have two workshops: one for the agricultural sector and the other for the remainder of our production.

Firstly, we have the Acti-Prairie. It levels clods of earth, disperses cowpats, regenerates and aerates the soil, removes moss and also has an optional feature for resowing grassland or other crops. This equipment is also available for vineyards and orchards.

• A heavy duty molehill leveller, which scarifies and spreads clods of earth, and has an optional moss removal feature.

• A tasse avant (front packer): breaks up clods and levels the soil to provide an even seedbed.

• A seed drill: specific to the client's requests.

Yes! One of the strengths of Jurane is its ability to adapt to its client's needs. We can examine all requests for machinery or parts.

A speed of 10 to 15 km/h is recommended for the molehill leveller.

A speed of 5 to 7 km/h is preferable for the other equipment (Acti-Prairie, Acti-Cep, Acti-Verger, Acti-Semoir and the Tasse avant).

The machinery is very low maintenance; all you have to do is ensure that the moving parts are tightened correctly.

Of course!

For a demonstration, you can go to your dealer or contact us for any requests.

We primarily sell our machinery via dealers; you can check if we work with a dealer near you in the 'find a dealer' section, if not you can contact us.


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