The equipment you need for the regeneration and aeration of grassland.


 • Levels clods of earth

 • Disperses cowpats

 • Breaks up organic residues

 • Regenerates the soil

 • Aerates the soil

 • Removes moss (several possibilities)

 • Resows the grassland (optional)



• Category II three-point linkage



• Two rows of blades to spread the earth

• Coil roller 30x30 square 400 mm diameter with tines 100 mm long

• A row of adjustable moss removal tines

Standard models

Reference M20 M25 M30 M45 M60
Working width 2.00m 2.50m 3.00m 4.50m 6.00m
Number of sections 1 1 1 or 2 3 3
Raising mechanism     hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
Weight 500kg 550 kg 630kg 900kg 1300kg

Other dimensions available


Optional features

• Double row of moss removal tines

• Pneumatic seed drill with a capacity of 120 litres


The information and specifications are for information only, with no guarantee.

We reserve the right to modify our models.


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